Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Forgot That...

The Cyclocross season opener is next weekend and I have forgot a few things about my third or fourth love of my life. 

I forget:
  1. That 'cross is really really hard. I didn't really forget, I'm just not very good at remembering pain and my incompetence. Approaching a barrier as fast as you can go, not crashing, and getting back onto your machine smoothly is not natural. It takes a lot of practice and I don't feel really confident until about November. 
  2. How differently my 'cross bike feels after a long separation. Sure we've gotten together a few times since the end of last season, but we're not quite intimate in August. As with any relationship, there are a few awkward moments and uneasiness in the beginning, but in time we become one. I know what my bike can do and it provides me stability, predictability, and forgives my mistakes.
  3. That embrocation doesn't completely wash off the hands and when you rub your eye with your ungloved hand shortly into a training ride to extract a recently deposited bug, your ride is going to be uncomfortable for a while.
I have plenty of time to build new memories over the next few months, but I'm sure that by March I'll forget most of what I was supposed to remember just in time for next season.

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